Why choose foam for your sofa cushion refilling?

Why choose foam for your sofa cushion refilling?

Why choose foam for your sofa cushion refilling?

Have you ever considered that we’re spending around 17 years on a couch? It’s not a good idea to spend all that trying to find a comfy place on a sofa that’s become worn with a fading appeal. However, before you rush off to buy the latest sofa have you thought about replacement sofa foam?

There’s no need to replace the entire sofa if the cushions fall flat. Refilling your sofa cushions is the cost-effective option of bringing luxury, style, and comfort back to your sofa which will save you time and cost.

It is likely that you had a long time, perhaps days, browsing furniture shops or browsing the internet for a sofa does not only suit your needs and also is a perfect match to your home’s interior. The replacement of your sofa’s cushions will spare you the stress and time of going through the same procedure time.

Why is foam the best filling for sofa cushions?


Feathers and feathers are one of the most traditional types of cushion fillings for sofas and are an extremely popular choice for those who want extremely soft furniture pieces. The drawback of this type of filling for your seat is that cushions tend to become lumpy with time Feathers don’t dry as well when they are wet and usually require the use of a foam core to add solidity.


Many furniture manufacturers decide to fill their settees with polyester fiberfill since it’s less expensive that allows manufacturers to cut costs. However, these cushions offer only minimal comfort because they soon loose their form and become sagging following regular use.


Foam cushions are more sought-after than ever before, lasting longer than feather and fiberfill cushions , and they are available in a range of densities. High-resilient density foam was proven to be less prone from wear, sagging and wear, dramatically prolonging the life of the couch. Foam can eliminate the need to keep re-plumping the cushions and provides an increased degree of comfort and support while sitting.

Why purchase the foam for your sofa from Advanced Upholstery?

A high-quality sofa is worth the cost however the truth is that the quality of sofas of today isn’t what it was in the past. Because of the constant need for cheap goods, the quality has been harmed by many manufacturers opting to make use of less expensive materials.

When your furniture is dire need of an upgrade Make the right choice and make the investment in Advanced Upholstery’s couch seat replacement service. With affordable prices and top-quality foam that’s cut to exactly the dimensions of the cushion covers, changing your sofa’s seat is never easier.

Want to know more? Contact us today and we’ll be willing to address all your questions.

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