Castors for Furniture

Castors for furniture are small wheels or glides attached to the bottom of chairs, tables, and other furniture pieces to make them movable. These handy accessories are like unsung heroes in our daily lives. Ensuring that we can easily rearrange our spaces without backbreaking efforts. Designed with convenience in mind. Castors allow us to effortlessly slide heavy pieces across various surfaces like hardwood floors or carpets. Eliminating the need for lifting and carrying. Not only do they provide mobility, but they also protect our precious flooring from scratches and damage caused by dragging furniture. Available in a myriad of sizes and materials, including rubber or metal wheels. Castors offer versatility to suit different furniture types and personal preferences. They come as swivel or fixed castors depending on requirements— swivel ones allowing multidirectional movement while fixed ones providing stability. With their practicality and adaptability. Castors have become an essential element in casual interior design. Making it easy to give any space a fresh look whenever the mood strikes.

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    Metal Shepherd Castors Set Of 4

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    Heavy Duty Plastic Chrome Mushroom Glide 60mm x 40mm – Set of 4

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    Standard Nylon Grip Neck Castor with Socket Grip