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Quality upholsterers and Re-Upholstery in Edinburgh and East Lothian our 25 year experience adds to the quality of our work. Our upholsterers main focus is on chairs, armchairs, sofas,and foot stools. We also undertake contract work hotels, pubs and clubs.If you have a quality piece of furniture and it is showing signs of torn fabric, a creaky frame, sagging cushions or just needs a revamp. Now is a good time to consider re upholstery. Re upholstery service where you can transform your good but old furniture from the inside out. We have a large range of over 800 designs and colours that you can choose from.All you need to do is go onto our contact page and you will find our number and email to book an appointment.Whether your sofa or chair is in good shape under the fabric, or if it needs work inside (such as new webbing, springs, filling or re-cushioning),

Quality Upholsterers In Edinburgh And East Lothian
Quality Upholsterers In Edinburgh And East Lothian

If you are looking to have a good quality fabric on your piece of furniture. From cotton to textured fabrics we have the perfect match for you. Even if cotton or texture isnt right up your street we still have many more like linen, velvets, weaves and chenilles.

Our upholsterers can recover any brand such as Parker Knoll, Ercol, Laura Ashley, G Plan, John Lewis, Marks & Spencer. Some of these big names have common styles including Queen Anne Chairs, Recliners, Sofabeds, Drop Arm Sofas and Chaise Longues.

If you have a conservatory you will know how relaxing and peaceful the room is. We can recover and replace your conservatory seating without having to go through the hassle and expense of buying a new one. We also do covers so your seats have a longer lasting wear out of them.