What To Look For In Upholstery Foam

What To Look For In Upholstery Foam

What To Look For In Upholstery Foam

If you’re looking for a fresh foam to cushion your cushions on furniture that is upholstered, such as the couch or chair, there’s one choice that is superior to all other options — high-density polyurethane foam. In this article we’ll explain the reasons this is ideal choice for projects to create upholstery in your home and the best method of layering foam to get the perfect amount of firmness and thickness to make the most comfortable, robust cushion.

Why do we need high density polyurethane?

When you’re looking for cushioning foam for upholstery, you’ll want to find something that’s capable of enduring the tests of time. A common rule of thumb of quality is that those with greater density are of higher quality and are more durable. A higher density makes foam more durable, and after sitting on it the foam bounces back back to its original form. This is the reason why, for upholstery purposes and especially in high-traffic spaces like your living room, we suggest using an upholstery foam that has the denseness at 2.5 lbs. or higher. The foam should last for 12 years or more. Certain high density foams can also be antimicrobial. This is a further benefit to selecting this kind of foam.

Layering to increase Size & Comfort

Have you ever heard that it’s possible to stack several pieces of foam on each other? It’s not just a possibility but widely practiced. The popularity of layering foam is because it lets you easily enhance its thickness. You can also make use of foams with various levels of firmness to ensure that your cushion strong for a long period of time.

Layering foam to create various thickness can be a easy concept, but layering firmness isn’t as easy. It is suggested to layer softer foam with an IFD higher on the bottom to provide support, and softer foam that has a less IFD at the top to provide ease of use. The bottom foam functions as the box spring of mattresses. It assists in stabilizing the cushion. If the soft top cushion begins to sink but you have the cushion that is firmer supporting your. Foam layers can be easily joined by spray adhesive.

The use of several layers of foam can be a matter of personal preference and totally dependent on you. If you can find a cushion with the right thickness, then you’re set.

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