Leather Cleaning Kit

So, you’ve got a beautiful leather sofa that’s seen a few spills and stains over the years – no worries! Invest in a quality leather cleaning kit specifically designed for sofas to keep your piece looking fresh and clean. These kits typically come with a gentle cleaner, conditioner, and protector, perfect for removing dirt, restoring moisture, and protecting against future damage. Start by dusting off any debris with a soft cloth before applying the cleaner with a sponge or brush in circular motions. Once dry, follow up with the conditioner to keep the leather supple and shiny. Finally, apply the protector to repel spills and stains in the future. With just a little TLC using your trusty leather cleaning kit, your sofa will look like new again in no time!

  • Antiquax Leather Re-Colouring Balm

  • Leather Care Kit

  • Tableau Foam Leather Cleaner