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Replacement Sofa Foam Cushions Cut To Any Size

If you’re tired of sinking into your old, worn-out sofa cushions, consider upgrading to replacement sofa foam cushions cut to any size. These custom-cut cushions are a game-changer for reviving your favourite couch and providing optimal comfort and support. Not only can you choose the perfect size for your specific needs, but you can also select from a variety of foam densities to ensure the ideal level of firmness or softness. With high-quality foam material that resists sagging and maintains its shape over time, these replacement cushions are a smart investment in both style and comfort. Say goodbye to lumpy, uneven seating and hello to a cosy, rejuvenated sofa that’s perfect for relaxing evenings at home or entertaining guests with ease.

If your cushions are starting to feel lumpy, it could be because the stuffing inside the covers have shifted making it an odd shape. If you have a dip in the centre of your sofa cushion, this will be because the foam or other kind of stuffing has lost its loft. One option could be to have the cushions refilled and revamped by our professional upholstery service. If you live in East Lothian, Edinburgh or surrounding areas, and think this is the option for you, then get in touch and we will arrange a time for you. Alternatively, we can provide you with foam cushions made to order.

The beauty of our cut to size foam cushions service, extends beyond the need to repair and restore and old piece of furniture, but can allow you to create new seating areas of your home. For example, do you have a bench or wooden ottoman that would be even better with a bit of added comfort? Or have you some outdoor seating that you would like to enjoy more in the summer months? Then simply take down the measurements, either of the seating area you want the foam cushions cut to size for, or the cushion covers, and get in touch.

You can either give us a direct phone call to tell us what you need, or you can use our reupholstery quote to specify the sizes – depth, width and height – in the ‘details of product’ box. We also have an online shop you can browse to find the upholstery products you need. To ensure we are supplying you with exactly what you require, we will get in touch to clarify the measurements and any other necessary details. We can even organise a home visit for areas in and around East Lothian and Edinburgh, and advise you on the best way to revamp any of your home furniture.

As a professional service, when we offer upholstery foam cushions cut to size, we want it to be perfect. We know the techniques, cuts and measurements needed to make sure it fits your furniture. It can be frustrating when you get brand new custom foam cushions cut to size and they move, shift or slide off, or the cover looks saggy. Therefore, to guarantee customer satisfaction every time, you can ask us to check the measurements and look at other factors such as the type of fabric covers you are using to surround your new foam cushions.

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