What Are Stockinette Rolls?

Upholstery Stockinette

What Are Stockinette Rolls?

What Are Stockinette Rolls?

Use Both Dacron & Stockinette On Your Sofa Foam!

Dacron and stockinette are inextricably linked. While dacron provides you with a more full and firmer cushion while stockinette allows you to take the cushion from its cover.

Dacron can be used to enhance the quality of your replacement cushions. However, it’s susceptible to break off. Dacron is attached to the sides and the top of foam cushions . It can cause friction against the cushion covers.

In the event that you install stockinette and dacron you are able to stop this from happening. In this regard it is recommended to fit both when you order foam cushions for your sofa replacement.

Was is Dacron?

If you’re looking to improve the cushions you will be given the option of choosing additional accessories. These are as a result of adding either stockinette, dacron or both.

Dacron is synthetic polyester. It is possible to recognize it under other names like Terylene, Kodel, Polywrap, Holfil, Cushion Wrap or Fiberfill.

It is important to know the ways Dacron will further enhance your cushions. Dacron can be bonded onto the outside of new foam cushions. This adds lift to the cushion, giving it a more complete look.

What exactly is Stockinette roll?

Stockinette is applied over the top of cushions in order to make them more suited to covers. It is particularly beneficial when used with dacron.

Stockinette is elastic, and ideal for stretching over the surface of the foam cushion. The unique machine-stitched design creates friction on the inside , while encouraging smoothness on the outer. This means your cushions stay in place, while making it easy to remove and insert your cushions.
Add Dacron or Stockinette to the Replacement Sofa Cushions

If you’d like include these two items to your cushion replacement order It’s easy. All you have to do is follow five steps that are laid out on our foam cut-to-size page.

The first step is choosing the ideal foam shape for your needs. You can pick from our vast selection of shapes, or choose a unique shape.

In addition, you’ll need determine the size of your cushion and upload them to our website.

After that, you’ll need choose the type of foam you want to use. High-density foam is suggested for cushions that need to be replaced.

You can also choose to add additional items with your purchase. It is suggested to include dacron and stockinette when you purchasing of cushions for your sofa.

Note that the addition of dacron to your order will increase the thickness of the cushions by around 1cm both on the bottom and top. Be aware of this when you add dacron, as it may hinder your ability to put your cushions into covers.

Once you’ve finished those steps, the only thing you have to do is to place your order.

How Do I Install Dacron

If you are replacing Fibre or Feather cushions , make sure you match the thickness of foam with the width of the border on the cover, then add Dacron. This will increase the loft of your cushion. It will also provide an ideal fit, without sagging or excessively stretched cushions.

Dacron is permanently bonded to the bottom and top of the foam. Without stockinette , it rubs directly against the cushion’s cover fabric and may eventually break off. The installation of stockinette stops this from occurring.

It is our suggestion that stockinette be installed on all foam purchased with Dacron This will ensure that your foam is not damaged and extend the lifespan of your foam. It also makes it much easier to re-fit covers.

How to Install Stockinette

It is recommended to add an inventoryinette with your purchase of foam if you intend to put it in the cover. It is much simpler to move the foam into and out of the cover. It can not only decrease creasing but also will also prevent premature wear on both the cover and the foam and ensure that your cushions keep their shape and are durable longer.

When used, the cover and foam will be in a position to move against one another, the seam on the front of any cushion is likely to be inclined to move backwards after it has been placed on. Without dacron and stockinette it’s more likely to deform or alter the shape of the cushion. By adding them, you create an air barrier between the foam and fabric, which decreases the amount of friction between the cover and the foam so that when you’ve gotten up, the cover is more likely to return to its original place.

Care must be taken when handling objects with stockinette. It is very easy to grab or fall off a ladder stockinette. are sure that it is merely cosmetic and does not affect the performance or quality of the item. (we cannot issue refunds the cost of damage caused by dacron or stockinette).

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