The Upholstery Essentials You Need for Your Next Lockdown Project

DIY Re-upholstery

The Upholstery Essentials You Need for Your Next Lockdown Project

Get started with the upholstery basics!

It would be a struggle to find a single person in the UK who didn’t try their hand at a bit of DIY during lockdown. From redecoration to recycling furniture, the choice of home improvement options are endless. With the possibility of future or extended lockdowns looming, these are the upholstery tools you need for your next project to turn your furniture from drab to fab!

The basics for all your upholstery jobs will be something to attach your new fabric to the piece of furniture. We stock both upholstery staples and glue to cater for different upholstery projects. If you already have a staple or glue gun, then these refills will be perfect to get you started on your next project and maybe even a few more. Our upholstery thread and twine are also perfect for any general upholstery or mattresses and clothing. Alternatively, you may need to use upholstery tacks for certain types of fabrics. If you are unsure which attachment method your fabric or furniture piece requires, take a look at what was used previously to attach the current material to the furniture and copy that.

Plump up your old furniture

Have you found the perfect fabric for your project? If you’re looking to upholster something soft like a chair or sofa, you’ll need some upholstery filling like wadding to provide that cushiony comfiness underneath. Particularly if you’re upholstering an old or second-hand piece, your most likely going to want and need new wadding. There would be nothing worse than finishing the piece, only to find your efforts ruined by uncomfortable or mouldy padding. You can buy wadding by the metre so you can measure it exactly for the requirements of your project.

If you are working with a relatively old or used piece, you may also want to think about replacing the feet. Adding a shiny new wooden set to your furniture is a great way to achieve a super clean and finished look. If you are putting a great deal of effort into making your piece look nice, new feet can be the perfect finishing touch for a very affordable cost.

Tools of the trade

Finally, you could do with some tools to make this project happen. We stock several upholstery tools to make the job easier and more efficient. From a staple lifter, to make removing old staples a breeze and a pair of tailor’s shears for smooth, clean cuts of fabric, our range of tools will ensure that you are left with a professional-looking result. Our magnetic hammer is the perfect tool to settle and hammer any tacks into place. A hammer will also definitely be needed to add any special finishing touches such as nail heads. Using the right tool is vital to guarantee a quality finish, while also reducing the time and effort taken to finish the job. Invest in good quality tools today to last you for a multitude of projects.

Why not purchase the essentials today from our upholstery supplies store? While there are many optional extras you may want or require for a certain project, these are the basics that you will need for the majority of DIY upholstery jobs. Whether this is your first try or you are a budding hobbyist, these essentials will enable you to take on a variety of projects and bring new life to any outdated furniture.


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