Upholstery Webbing

Upholstery Webbing

Here at Advanced Upholstery, we specialise in offering supplies for upholstery across the UK from our online shop. Upholstery is a way of either adding a soft, padded covering to furniture such as chairs, or using textiles for any kind of covering, but part of the process also requires upholstery webbing.

Our upholstery webbing supplies includes four different kind of webbing and clips. Our heavy duty elastic webbing is ideal for tasks that need some level of flexibility, particularly ideal for use on the backs of chairs and sofas. Jute webbing makes use of the natural fibre to offer added strength when upholstering seats and other furniture frames, ideal for sitting other elements such as springs. An alternative to jute is our black and white herringbone webbing.

Whilst jute and herringbone webbing are more traditional materials, we also offer Pirelli webbing, which is a type of rubber webbing that does not need the addition of coil springs due to its natural elasticity, and it is fixed by grips or staples. This option won’t sag over time and has a long lifespan. We also stock rubber webbing clips that have spikes inside that will crimp up or close bite into rubber webbing.

As upholstery webbing suppliers, we serve clients across the whole of the UK from our based in East Lothian. For more information about our upholstery webbing products, feel free to get in touch today, and take advantage of our free delivery on orders of £20 or more.

  • Heavy Duty Elastic Webbing

  • Jute Webbing

  • Pirelli Rubber Webbing 2″ (50mm) Beige

  • Pirelli Webbing Clips

  • Quality Black White Herringbone Webbing