Foam Cushions In Edinburgh And Lothians

New Foam Cushions Replaced

We specialise in upholstery foam cushions cut to size.We can give your sofa or chair a new lease of life.Whether you have foam cushions that have lost there ‘oomph’ or you’re fed up with having to plump up your cushions every so often we can fix that professionally.

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New Foam Cushions Replaced

New foam cushions can give a new piece of furniture a new lease of life. We can dacron and stockinette wrap your foam and will transform your seating. We can cut and shape to the size needed, depending of the furniture. When you get new foam cushions they can make your sofa look brand new also  with adding extra comfort. New foam cushions can prolong the life of your sofa cost effectively.

 You can select any grade of foam of your choice.

New Foam Cushions Replaced

The blue and grey foams are suitable for many applications including sofa seating, caravan seating, dining chairs, seat pads and camper vans.

The chip foam can also be used for gym mats contract seating and any other application where the foam is subject to a high impact.

The white foam is used for sundry padding such as headboard.