Upholstery Hessian

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Hessian fabric is used for draping, drapery, light fittings, furniture coverings, carpets, upholstered walls and light fittings. Purchase as much as you require. Designed from natural jute plant fibre. Used for covering wooden springs and tubing in upholstered furniture. Ideal for all types of wood surfaces. Ideal for the repair and restoration industry.

Solid dyed jute Hessian has the appearance and texture of full-length jute but is more durable. Jute Hessian which is manufactured from 100% natural jute is ideal for use in upholstered or drapery applications. Jute Hessian which is manufactured from 100% pure jute Hessian fabric can be dyed to meet your specific color requirements; it is available in a range of classic and antique colors, earth tones, chestnut brown, chocolate brown, and rust, among others. Available in various widths to suit most standard requirements. Ideal for use on all sorts of surfaces and fabrics.

Ideal for use in upholstered walls, curtains, drapery, and light fittings and light upholstered furniture. A superior quality fire retardant Hessian fabric which is extremely absorbent and waterproof with a protective action against ultraviolet rays, gases, and moisture. It dries quickly and does not gather mildew. It resists stretching and warping and is very smooth to touch and provides a rich, deep color with outstanding shine and tone. Ideal for upholstered furniture, draperies, furniture coverings, light fittings, bedding and carpeting.

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