Made to Measure Cushion Covers

Made to Measure Cushion Covers

Cushion Covers

Whether you are in the market for new home furniture, bedroom furniture, couch, or loveseat covers or any other home decor accessories, cushions can lend a luxurious look and feel to whatever you choose. A variety of materials are used to create cushions. They are available in almost any colour or pattern that you can imagine. Cushions come in many different styles, including fabrics such as Sunbrella, but are also made from many more materials, including vinyl, leather, silk and cotton. Before you buy Sunbrella or another designer fabric and DIY your cushions for your home, consider either a fully manufactured Sunbrella cover or a high quality custom made cushion and cover for your home.

When ordering your custom cushions, be sure to order your fabric and Sunbrella cover from the same place so you receive the same exact fabric and cushion size. You can get a cushion size from the manufacturer of your Sunbrella or custom made cushions to measure yours. When ordering your custom cushions for your home, be sure that you have enough cushion size for all the seating pieces that will be placed together. This is the most accurate way to determine the number of cushions you need to purchase.

When measuring for the amount of custom foam needed to cover your seats, place a piece of paper, folded, under each seat. Measure the width of the chair or couches that you want the covers to go over. Then measure the length by placing the paper under the seat. Be sure to include the length of the cushion on both sides. Then measure the depth, which is the width between the foams, on one side.

Most Sunbrella covers and outdoor cushions are machine washable. It is recommended that you hand wash the fabrics with a mild detergent, just like laundry. Although washing by hand is simple, it does take a little time. Most manufacturers recommend that you dry clean your custom cushions at home using a mild fabric softener. Before hanging your covers, use a dryer on a low setting and hang the covers on a hanger. You can also hand wash them by following the directions on the fabric.

To measure your chairs or couches, measure across the widest part of the seat. Then measure across the closest point on the seat. Remember to add an inch to both measurements. For seats that have arms, you need to measure the width of the arm. For corner chairs and couches, you need to measure from the corner to the closest point on the seat. Remember to leave a two-inch allowance for rounding up corners.

When measuring for the back cushions, if you are using fabric, you need to measure the thickness of the fabric against the seat back. The thickness will be different for every seat. For chairs with armrests, you need to measure the thickness of the foam coverings. If you are using solid foam covers, you need to measure from the thickest point on the foam to the thickest point on the back of the cushions.

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