Benefits of fabric upholstered sofas and armchairs

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Benefits of fabric upholstered sofas and armchairs

Benefits of fabric upholstered sofas and armchairs

Fabric upholstered sofas are an excellent decoration option for your living room, as they give warmth and elegance. Traditional sofas are opulent and luxurious, while modern sofas stand out for their lightness, clarity and vitality.

With the fabric, you can mix colors, textures, stitches, depending on the quality and price. Natural and synthetic fibers are used for upholstering. Typical natural fibers are cotton, jute, silk, and wool, while polyester, vinyl, acrylic, and PVC fall into the synthetic category.

They can also be classified based on how they are made, such as velvets, microfibers, knits, prints, and knits, among others. There are also a variety of design and pattern options, including mosaics, stripes, checks, circles, paisleys, florals, prints, traditional tribal prints, and even custom designs. This makes them easier to harmonize with the current style of the room.

Next, we tell you about the benefits of fabric upholstery for sofas and armchairs in your home. Remember that in our furniture store, we have a wide variety of upholstery services options for sofas and armchairs , ask us!

Advantages of a fabric sofa or armchair

These types of sofas are not as sophisticated as the leather ones, but they have many advantages. First of all, they are cheaper than leather ones. It is something quite important to keep in mind, because depending on your budget, the fabric sofa can become your best ally.

There is a wide variety of fabrics, colours and patterns. A leather sofa has more limited options. The variety of textures and colours available in fabric is not comparable to leather. Printed, plain, combined, velvety, rustic, classic or modern, there are endless possibilities!

They are also quite cozy, since in winter they give a feeling of warmth and in summer, depending on the chosen fabric, they are cooler than leather ones. In short, they are much more breathable. On the other hand, a fabric sofa is perfect if you have pets at home because it ensures the absence of scratches and cuts from sharp nails.

Characteristics of fabric upholstered sofas and armchairs

When you choose a sofa for your living room, in addition to looking for it to suit your personal taste, you want it to be perfect for any time of the year. Fabric armchairs are a good option to have a more welcoming style. Also, some fabrics can be removed and washed to ensure cleanliness.


The main thing is to choose the type of fabric. Microfiber is ideal if you have pets at home, as it is more durable and resistant. Before buying a fabric, it is interesting to check the number of threads in the fabric. The more number of threads per square millimeter, the more dense and reliable the fabric will be.


Choose a fabric that matches the style, design and shape of the sofa or armchair. Also, you can select a fabric that is in keeping with the style of the room. In this way, there will be a more harmonious room.

As for the pattern scale, you have to think about whether it is appropriate for the furniture and the size of the room. The sofa has to have a larger or smaller size depending on the space we have.


It is very important to choose the right colour. Bold colours are a good idea for small rooms. However, you have to take into account the colour nuances to create the right atmosphere in the room. This is because colours affect people’s moods. Therefore, you have to be careful when choosing trendy colours, as they come and go quickly.

Factors to consider when upholstering a sofa or armchair

Perhaps, before buying a new sofa or armchair, you can consider the option of renewing the one you already have. A good alternative for this is upholstering it with a fabric and fabric that is to your liking. If you plan to carry out this type of task, it is important that you know a series of factors that you will have to take into account to upholster your sofa.


For the sofa to last you an optimal time (between 5 and 8 years), you have to make sure that the minimum resistance is 25,000 cycles. Whether it is more or less durable will depend on the use and care that is going to be given to it.


In this sense, you have to look at the type of fabric. Among the most resistant are cotton, linen or Jacquard, since they have a greater thickness and better resistance. It is the quintessential fabric and one of the easiest to find so that your living room is perfect.


Each type of upholstery fabric requires different care. Today, there are products that cover the fibers of your sofa or armchair to prevent dirt from sneaking in. Thus, it will be much easier to remove stains when they appear.


The perfect sofa has to have a nice fabric so that it is comfortable and you can rest. For this, you have to check its softness. If you prefer to upholster the sofa on your own, it is advisable to test the fabric, that is, you can stretch the fabric and see if the stitch opens. If this happens, your sofa will end up deformed over the days.

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