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No.3 beige Continuous Zipping

What Is Continuous Zipping

These zippers do not have a beginning or an end point. Continuous zippers are usually sewn into a project at both ends like on a cushion. A wide variety of colours, black ,white and beige. This lightweight nylon continuous zipping is ideal for upholstery, soft furnishing, clothing and haberdashery, offering you the flexibility to cut your zips to the required length. No.3 White Continuous Zipping No.3 Black Continuous Zipping

jute webbing

What is Upholstery Webbing?

Jute Webbing Jute webbing is a natural fiber that can be spun into extremely strong bands.  These bands are then stretched over the back and seats of furniture frames to sit other upholstery components on like springs.  As jute is a natural fiber it has been used in upholstery for many years and was virtually the only material used for upholstery webbing up until the 1950’s when synthetic materials became a popular replacement.  Jute webbing is used in the traditional method of...

commercial Re-Upholstery Edinburgh

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One of the largest range of upholstery and re-upholstery products on the web. We provide a quick and efficient form of purchasing upholstery supplies for all your upholstery repairs, and DIY jobs alike. A huge range of haberdashery items online. Not sure what you need? Then get in touch and our friendly team will be able to personally help you.