Reconstituted 6lb Chip Foam Cut to Size

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6lb Reconstituted Chip Foam

Introducing our chip foam, a high-quality and extremely durable material designed specifically for hard-wearing seats. This very firm grade foam is perfect for a wide range of applications, making it an ideal choice for various seating needs.  Whether you’re looking to furnish a bar or restaurant with comfortable and long-lasting bar seating and stools, or in need of reliable church kneelers that can withstand constant use, our chip foam is the perfect solution. Additionally, this foam is also highly suitable for gym mats and other hard-wearing commercial furniture, ensuring maximum comfort and support during intense workouts or extended periods of sitting. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our chip foam offers exceptional durability, maintaining its shape and firmness even after prolonged use. With its robust construction and ability to withstand heavy usage, our chip foam is a reliable choice for any commercial setting where durability and comfort are paramount. Invest in our chip foam today and experience the perfect balance of comfort and longevity for your seating needs.


Stockinette and Dacron

For the best-looking cushions, Dacron gives a luxury that we recommend all cushions have.

The Dacron is bonded to the top and bottom of the foam to keep it in place.

Since it is a fibrous material, it would be extremely difficult to insert a plump cushion into a tight-fitting cover without damaging the Dacron.

The stockinette wrap helps keep things to get and allows the new cushion to slide more easily into the cover.


Foam can be sticky and difficult to work with when trying to fit inside a neatly-measured covering.

Stockinette is a wrap which goes over the foam that makes it easy to slide into the cover and also helps keep it in place, preventing the cushions becoming mis-shaped and unsightly.

We can wrap all our foam with stockinette and it works particularly well in conjunction with Dacron – to give a springy bounce to the surface, that reduces wear.