White 24 Soft Foam Sheets


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White Soft Foam Sheets

These white soft foam sheets are fantastic for cushioning irregular-shaped and generally delicate products. The soft polyurethane foam is lightweight and reusable, making it effective as a void fill or protective pack. It is also mildew-resistant. Ideal for any application where very soft cushioning is needed

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92" x 44" x 1" (234cm x 112cm x 25mm), 92" x 44" x 1/2" (234cm x 112cm x 12mm), 92" x 44" x 11/2" (234cm x 112cm x 38mm), 92" x 44" x 2" (234cm x 112cm x 50mm), 92" x 44" x 3/4" (234cm x 112cm x 19mm)