High Density Firm Blue Foam Cut to Size

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How to measure for a High Density Firm Blue Foam Cut to Size

5/5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Take your current cushion cover and lay the cover on a flat surface. Take the dimension from the front of the cushion to the back measure both ends and across the centre as covers can vary normally the centre measurement is the most accurate. Measure the thickness (border) of the cushion Tip if your cushions lay a ruler along the back of the cushion which is the highest point. Measure the cushion cover from seam to seam or between the piping for a box cushion. Always pull the cover slightly to ensure a perfect fit .Enter your size on our online calculator to obtain a price. Not to sure how to measure your cushion you can bring your cushion's and cover's to our workshop.

High Density Firm Blue Foam Cut to Size

High Density Firm Blue Foam Cut to Size is a versatile and durable material that can be used for a variety of projects. Its firmness makes it ideal for applications where support and durability are key, such as seat cushions, and soundproofing projects. The high density foam holds its shape well over time, providing long-lasting comfort and support. The blue colour adds a fun pop of brightness to any project, making it aesthetically pleasing as well as practical. Being able to cut the foam to size allows for customization and flexibility in creating the perfect fit for your needs. Overall, High Density Firm Blue Foam Cut to Size is a reliable and functional option for any DIY or professional project requiring strong yet comfortable cushioning.

Budget Blue High Density Firm Blue Foam – V33

one of our most used high-density foam grades. It is a firm foam, widely used for dining pads, upholstery repairs, garden seating, window seats and caravan seating. For high-use items, please choose the Premium Blue foam instead.

Premium High Density Firm Blue Foam – V39

perfect for sofa seats if you are looking for a very firm cushion. It is also suitable for many other applications, including upholstery repairs, boat seating, caravan and campervan seating, window seats, dining pads and much more. Grade 39 is a premium version of Grade 33 so will naturally last a lot longer.

Stockinette and Dacron

For the best-looking cushions, Dacron gives a luxury that we recommend all cushions have.

The Dacron is bonded to the top and bottom of the foam to keep it in place.

Since it is a fibrous material, it would be extremely difficult to insert a plump cushion into a tight-fitting cover without damaging the Dacron.

The stockinette wrap helps keep things to get and allows the new cushion to slide more easily into the cover.


Foam can be sticky and difficult to work with when trying to fit inside a neatly-measured covering.

Stockinette is a wrap which goes over the foam that makes it easy to slide into the cover and also helps keep it in place, preventing the cushions becoming mis-shaped and unsightly.

We can wrap all our foam with stockinette and it works particularly well in conjunction with Dacron – to give a springy bounce to the surface, that reduces wear.