Selecting the Right Upholstery Foam

Selecting the Right Upholstery Foam

Upholstery Foam

If you’re looking for a fresh foam to cushion your cushions on furniture that is upholstered, such as chairs or couches, there’s one choice that stands out above the other choices — high density polyurethane foam. In this article we’ll go over the reasons this is ideal choice for upholstery projects in the interior and the best method of layering foam to achieve the perfect amount of firmness and thickness to make the most comfortable, robust cushion.

Why do we need high density polyurethane?

When you’re looking for cushioning foam to cushion your furniture, you need to find something that’s capable of enduring the tests of time. The general rule of thumb for foam quality is that those with more density are of better quality and last longer. A higher density makes foam more pliable, which means that when you sit on it, the foam bounces back back to its original form. This is why, for upholstery applications particularly for high-traffic rooms like your family room, we recommend an upholstery foam that has the denseness that is 2.5 lbs. or higher. The foam should last for 12 years or more. Certain high density foams can also be antimicrobial, which is another benefit of selecting this kind of foam.

Layering to increase Size & Comfort

Do you realize that you could stack several pieces of foam on top of each other? It’s not just a possibility however, it’s widely practiced. The popularity of layering foam is because it permits you to easily enhance the cushion’s thickness. You can also make use of foams with various levels of firmness to ensure that your cushion strong for a long period of time.

The process of layering foam to make a various thickness can be a easy concept, but layering firmness isn’t as easy. The concept is to layer softer foam with an IFD higher on the bottom to provide support, and soft foam having a lesser IFD at the top to give you more the comfort. The bottom foam functions as an inner spring box for mattresses. It aids in stabilizing the cushion, and if the cushion on top is soft and starts to sink it is still the cushion that is firmer supporting your. Foam layers can be easily joined by spray adhesive.

Utilizing more than one layer of foam depends on personal preference and entirely dependent on you. If you locate a cushion that is the correct thickness, you’re good to go.

For more information on what’s the most suitable upholstery foam for your needs get in touch with our experts.

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