Give Your Sofa a New Lease of Life!

new lease of life sofa

Give Your Sofa a New Lease of Life!

Give Your Sofa a New Lease of Life

Does your sofa look a bit tired and worn? Does it sag when you sit down?  If you think it is time to replace your sofa, think again!  You could save hundreds of pounds by giving it a little TLC. It won’t take a lot to spruce it up and make it looking as good as new. Buying some upholstery supplies will enable you to do the job yourself cheaply. Read on to find out how to give your sofa a new lease of life.

Replacement foam cushions

The foam cushions within your sofa covers can become quite worn and lose their bounce over time. Foam cushions can be easily cut to size and replaced inside your sofa covers to make your seats plump and very comfortable.  It can make a huge difference to your posture and ensure that you can truly relax.

New furniture feet

You can make your sofa or chair look different just by adding new furniture feet. Shiny wooden furniture feet are very popular and will make your sofa and chair very elegant and look new. They are very easy to install too.

Upholstery buttons

Have you lost some buttons from the cushions of your sofa? You can buy replacement upholstery buttons and sew these on with upholstery thread to restore the look of your sofa so that it looks like new again.

Upholstery springs

For the more adventurous amateur upholsterers, you can replace your sofa’s springs. You’ll know if your springs are worn if you gently bounce on your sofa in different areas and any parts which sag probably mean that you need replacement springs. After replacement, your sofa will feel like brand new.

Give your sofa a clean

A quick win in renovating your sofa is to use upholstery fabric cleaner to remove all those stains. These cleaners are specifically designed for upholstery so are not going to damage your sofa. Using ordinary detergents isn’t always a good idea as the fabric on sofas can be easily damaged.

Save the environment!

Your local upholsterer can also reupholster your sofa and chairs to make them look as good as new. They can replace the fillings and even the fabrics to make them look like a new piece of furniture at a great saving. Not only does this save you money, but you are also helping the environment by not throwing away perfectly useable furniture into landfill.

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