Re-Upholstery service in Edinburgh, Midlothian, And East Lothian

You have a choice from our over 800 designs to suit not just you but our home decor as well. This is a good solution to any home that is in need of a affordable revamp or even If its bringing that old armchair back to life. We aso offer free samples so you can make sure your choice is right, before getting the colour or design on your piece of furniture.

The different steps of recovering a sofa are, first is the taking down process which includes removing the fabric layer by layer down to the frame.The second step is webbing, webbing and base hessian and commonly used as a foundation on most traditional chairs and sofas.The third step is springing, springing can give you added resilience and depth to the comfort of your seat.The fourth step is stuffing, stuffing provides extra added comfort and keeps your furniture lasting longer. Finaly the last step, with all the upholstery steps in place applying the top cover and then the finishing will be in place.

There are good reasons you should get re-upholstery done rather than renew your furniture,and one of the reasons is that you are keeping furniture out of landfill which is good for the environment. Also you get to keep all the original features of the furniture without wasting the good pieces.

We can replace your ercol chair or sofa with new perlli webbing, and will give you your comfort back into your chair or sofa.