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Upholstery Needles

If you want to start a new upholstery project, you must find the right needle shape and size to provide the correct stitching. At Advanced Upholstery, we offer a quality selection to suit many projects, including embroidery stitches and plain hand sewing or quilting.

We stock kits available in two different shapes to suit a range of applications. The Straight Round and Curved Kits are both produced by C.S. Osborne, a leading manufacturer within the trade for over 185 years. The kits both contain four round point tools in a range of sizes to befit your requirements. We also stock a Plastic Headed Pin for heavier applications.

Straight, or button, needles are best for fastening buttons, stitching through padding, and securing components to a foundation. The kit includes four sizes, ranging from 6 inches to 12 inches.

If a straight tool is not suitable for your application, you should use the curved kit. This includes four sizes of 3, 4, 5, and 6 inches. The curved shape provides a finished look for repairing seams and slip stitching.

Our team can offer expert advice to source the right style for your project. For example, a small circumference and small head are best for back and shoulder stitching, quilting, and burlap work, while a large circumference and small eye are ideal for rugs, carpets, and bedspreads. Whatever your requirements, we can supply the solution for you with our button and curved needles for upholstery.

To discover more about our upholstery needles and other supplies in the UK, do not hesitate to get in touch by completing our contact form or emailing [email protected]. You can speak to a member of our team directly by calling 01875 898306, and we will be pleased to help you with your query.

  • Curved Needle Kit

  • Straight Round Needle Kit

  • White Plastic Headed Upholstery Pin