Flat Elastic

Elastic Flat Suppliers

When you get a fabric that has a wide range of uses, you get a flat elastic cord. The cord is of high quality and the durability is more than what one could expect from a fabric of such type. The material can be used in various applications and it is the fact that the material is so versatile that makes it a very popular choice of fabric.
One very good example would be the White Face Mask. The White Face Masks is among the most popular of all. In the list of household things, one thing that everyone wants to keep in their storage area is a good pair of white face masks. Also they look very cute on children. Another use of the flat elastic cord is for craft hobbyists who want a good way to tie decorations around their work area.
For craftsmen and women, the White Face Masks can be a great way to decorate their work space while they are at it. If one needs a different way to tie decoration around their work station while still being neat, the flat elastic band is the way to go. They can also be used as upholstery soft furnishing and craft hobby tools. The only thing one should not do when using them is to drop them because the elasticity of the fabric may be too much to handle. Always handle them with care, because you wouldn’t want your face to get hurt while playing with craft tools and upholstery.

  • Flat Black Elastic 6mm

  • Flat White Elastic 9mm