Get The Look You Want With Prestigious Fabrics in Your Home

Prestigious fabrics for the home

Get The Look You Want With Prestigious Fabrics in Your Home

We believe that updating your soft furnishings is one of the best ways to give your home a whole new look.  There are some beautiful fabrics out there that can transform your room. However, if the look and feel you want involves using prestigious fabrics, you might think that it’s beyond your budget. If that’s the case, we have good news.  You can find some beautiful designs for less than you might think.  Here’s why we think you should use prestigious fabrics in your home and how you can afford to make it work.

What do we mean by prestigious fabrics?

We’ve been supplying prestigious fabrics for a long time but we know that people sometimes wonder what the term means.  They’re the fabrics that can really bring a bit of luxury to your home. When you look at our collections you might also find yourself thinking of an elegant country house or even a castle! They’re the sort of fabrics that you might look at and admire, but assume that you need a millionaire’s budget to afford.

Fabrics like this can bring real elegance to your overall scheme, even if you only choose to use it on one sofa or your favourite armchair.

Our suppliers

We work with two different suppliers, Abraham Moon Fabrics and Ross Fabrics.

Abraham Moon were founded in 1837 are well known throughout the industry for their beautiful Shetland and Harris Tweed. Their fabrics come in traditional Tweed checks and herringbone patterns, but also in hardwearing single colours to complement your existing colour scheme.  They focus on producing high quality fabric which is made to last.

Ross Fabrics have a stunning range of choices.  You can choose from traditional tartans, damask and velvet to name just a few.  Our customers often think that they can’t use prestigious fabrics because they have children. Ross Fabrics make the Aqua Clean Collection, which means that you can use the fabrics and clean them easily using only water.

Enhancing any sofa or chair

For us, the best thing about prestigious fabrics is that they instantly enhance any chair or sofa.  If you have a piece of upholstered furniture that’s looking a bit tired, you might be thinking about getting rid of it. That doesn’t have to mean a trip to the tip. Upcycling is still hugely popular, so you could think about selling. But why get rid of one of your favourite chairs when you could upcycle it yourself?

Using a prestigious fabric will give your sofa or chair a classic new look. They’re also timeless designs which means that you could be enjoying it for years to come.

Don’t compromise on quality

You might think that a DIY upholstery project involves spending a lot of money.  In fact, restoring a chair using our prestigious fabrics could be cheaper than you think.  You can choose a high quality fabric and buy only what you need. That means there’s less waste and you can cut your cloth to suit your budget.  We also offer a range of offcuts that could help you to find a smaller piece of fabric that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’d like to find out more about transforming your furniture with prestigious fabrics, get in touch.

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